lunedì 13 febbraio 2017

a lot of stuff from my last projects!  
first one, illustrations for  a dragon age books serie ( this one is from "the calling")
now a page from the Geste des Chevaliers Dragons, i'm entering just now in the last ten pages.

 ...and finally, the big project i'm glad to show to the public. first 3 books ( ...of may be more longer series), 44 pages each one, all with me as regular artist. Jean-Pierre Pécau as writer.
mecha-post war world- Siberian matters.

 ... another little news. i'm the chosen artist for the fifth tome of Ork and Goblins with mr. Olivier Peru as writer(Delcourt/Soleil-2018)
and, for now, that's all!

martedì 3 gennaio 2017

the new year begin with a lot of great news ( well. for me).
1  episode four of Alan Dracon finished.
2  finished the tome 6 ( 72 pages) of the french serie Maitres Inquisiteurs.
3  finished 6 illustrations for  the first book of a Dragon age series (dark horse)
4 i'm invited for the Angoulême comicon

while i'm working for Geste ( soleil), i'm speaking about some really interesting projects for 2017. REALLY INTERESTING PROJECTS.
i'll post some images if it's came true :-)

a page from Alan Dracon issue 4...

and some other stuff...


lunedì 29 agosto 2016

i'm working on the chapter 4 of Alan Dracon.  the first fight (may be the last?) with killer Kanoo!  deadline  passed away, but i can't do a bad work with this story. every page have to communicate exactly what i want. here is the cover in black and white and colors.


martedì 23 agosto 2016

after  8 pages in book 21, i'm working at Geste des chevaliers dragons
again. this time a full book for me. it's a great news because i'm very fan of this french serie and i feel a great mix of funny and responsibility...
i finished page 46 of Maitres inquisitors t6 too ( another 14 pages till the end)soon published in Lanfeust Magazine in 8 pages episode format and in free time ( what is this?) i'm working in the issue 4 of my own comic book Alan Dracon.

a very busy end of vacances...

here are some study of a dead project.

mercoledì 17 agosto 2016

 after a little pause on the beach i'm back to office. I've really enjoyed the London film and comics convention where i have meet great comic book artists and i have been able to see really really near legends such Rughter Hauer (the replicant nexux 6!, in the same elevator!) and Carl Weathers
A special mention for El Torres, one of the best horror ( and not) spanish writers. it's ever a pleasure.

Now a lot of projects in the desktop. Geste, Maitres inquisitors, a book for Dark Horse (star trek coloring book) and the fourth chapter of Alan Dracon.
October will be interesting. another personal project on mind and a big hope.

here is  some sample of my last works

see you on comics.

mercoledì 25 novembre 2015

Nathan Never

a seguito alcune tavole dell'ultimo Nathan Never, a punto di terminare. mancano solo 4 pagine ma, la verità, è senza dubbio il miglior lavoro  da me fatto in Bonelli. ogni pagina è studiata nell'impaginazione in modo da far fluire il racconto secondo un ritmo ben preciso.

martedì 9 giugno 2015

my next project with Soleil, just signed the contract.
8 pages for "la Geste des Chevaliers Dragons".