lunedì 29 ottobre 2018

Straner Things issue 4 finished. I think i will have to do some minor changes but the work is done.  and now? really i don't know. I'm very happy that sales of the first number are ( for diamond) over 60000 copies and the run print over 130000. it's crazy.
Anyway, I have a lot of projects on the kitchen, so...
first of all i have to finish my second book of  the serie ghost war and begin the third.
while, if all goes well, a western ( for Glenat).

here are some penciled pages from issue 1 of stranger things.

venerdì 31 agosto 2018

Stranger Things comic book

I'm finishing issue #3 of Stranger Things.
woah. time fly quickly!

here are some penciled pages.

mercoledì 20 giugno 2018

Stranger Things.

Hi guys.
here we are. finally i can reveal what i'm doing right now.
take a breath. sit down. well, i do. i'm drawing ( only pencils) the first four issues of dark horse new serie based on Netflix's Stranger Things.
Here is the link to the news.

...and here the two penciled pages.

...but obviously there is more. I've finished for Soleil/Delcourt tome 5 of Ork & Gobelins and  i begin right now tome 2  of my beloved serie Ghost War.
more news soon!

venerdì 18 maggio 2018


here is some changes of the oil painting i've post last time. As you can see, face is improved and hairs too... little details that change everything.

 I have dedicated to the same character another oil painting.  I really enjoy this technique and i think is the beginning of a long series of paintings.
other news...
i'm finishing a book of Ork & Gobelins for the french soleil editions , a mini serie of 4 issues for Dark Horse ( title top-secret at the moment, but a serie really really well known), finishing another issue of Alan Dracon ( 5) and i'm waiting the script for the next book of Ghost War ( soleil). what a mess!

venerdì 9 marzo 2018

One year passed.

Hi to everyone. Another year passed away so quickly that i just remember i have a blog. ouch!...
I've finished Maitres Inquisiteurs T6. i've Finished Geste of chevaliers Dragons t25.  Over half book of Ork & Gobelins T5. Finished T1 of Ghost War. you can understand, now, why i've not the time for this blog :-)
Anyway, between works, i've studied a lot of oil painting, and i discovered an entire universe. my first two paintings are small and not very mastered, but i progress. here is the second one ( the first one is, really, a shit.)
I will change the hairs and bear of the man, i'm not very satisfied of the result.
the third illustration is in progress. About the same character ( without an arm) that is the main character of my new project as complete author. here are two pages of this.

see you soon, dear reader.

martedì 18 aprile 2017

back to Home from a Belgian comicon. lot of fun and workmates from any part of Europe but i'm a bit tired now.

anyway... i leave here another illustration for dragon age books

and some pages  in b/w of "Maitres Inquisiteurs" book 6 
soon some interesting news!

giovedì 9 marzo 2017

hi guys.
i'm very busy at the moment.
i have received the first  four pages in color of my "mecha" project. i'm very happy because the colorist (Claudia Palescandolo) have done an incredible job. i can't show them because it's all top secret for the moment.
anyway, here is the main character and first page of the next project with mr. Olivier Peru and some other little stuff like a splash page from book 6 of "maitres inquisiteurs" ( on sale now!)

hasta pronto.